Champcar 2007

Champcar 2007

The last season of ChampCar in rFactor, thanks to iDT Simulations
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iDT Racing Simulations

To many nostalgic racing fans, the Champ Car World Championship will never be forgotten. Neither to the guys at iDT, who created the 2007 Champ car mod for rFactor. Instead of making it as an addition to the similar Champ Car 05-06 mod they made, they created a new standalone mod. There are many reasons for this, first of all, the Panoz chassis received several modifications that changed the handling of the car. Therefore, the physics in this game have been adapted, as well as the rules, to fit the 2007 season. Many of the small details changed were also implemented to the mod, such as the new cockpit and aerodynamic modifications visible in the models. The other reason they made this a standalone version is that 2007 was the last full season of Champ Car. As a dedication to all those years, iDT decided it was going to be their special mod. Although you cannot give or take anything from this and the 05-06 mods, this is a worthy tribute to Champ Car. All fans of the series should have this mod, not only for nostalgic reasons, but because it is just incredibly good fun.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great physics and graphics


  • Some graphic glitches
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